Suzhou Oasis Electronic Co., Ltd

Bottle Type

Hot & Cold water dispenser, bottle type, they  can use 5 GL water bottle or small bottle on the top.

They have stand type, put on the floor and looks nice. They are can with refrigerator, with a cabinet. Or without cabinet. Also they can be with digital display.

Also they have table type, put on the table.

All of them can provide hot & cold water. Hot water temperature is more than 92 ℃, 5L/H; Cold water temperature is less 5 ℃,2L/H.  All hot & cold tank made of 304# stainless steel material. They can be with 1 L or 1.5L hot tank.. 

The side plate is made of steel metal plate; front panel and top cover is made of good ABS. So all of them have a good quality.